• If you're not earning at least $30-40,000 per million in premium financing you arrange, you are missing out on the profit from premium finance! Let us show you how easy it is to put that profit where it belongs.. in YOUR pocket!

Increase Profits

Create a revenue center for your business.
Don't turn the revenue from premium financing over to outside sources! The COST Program™ typically generates at least $30-40,000 of profit per million financed through your premium finance company.

Control the Finance Process

You stay in control of the financing process.
Instead of being stuck in a "one size fits all" system, you maintain control over the entire financing process, including interest rates, down payment percentage, and cancellation/reinstatements.

Total Turnkey Solution

COST does all the back room work.
Own your own premium finance company with no fixed expense or overhead, utilizing COST's assistance and over 20 years of expertise and innovation as an industry leader.

Increase Profits Without Adding to Your Workload

COST Financial Group, Inc., based near St. Louis, Missouri, was founded in 1989 and is the industry leader in providing premium finance company management services for agencies, agency groups, insurance companies, and wholesalers/MGA's who want to earn the profit from the financing they arrange. Our experience, technology, and expertise have enabled hundreds of clients to enjoy the benefits of owning their own premium finance company while COST manages their personal and commercial lines finance business.

COST manages and operates insurance premium finance companies for clients nationwide. The COST Program™ enables you to focus on your core business - running your insurance agency or company - while increasing profits, improving customer service, controlling the finance process, enhancing market value, creating a profit center for your business, and adding to your bottom line with no extra staff or fixed expense - while we do all the work!

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Find out how you can put all of the profit from premium financing in your pocket!

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